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The healing powers of Galloway…

Whether it's rambling through the woods or making the journey along the beach, the simple act of walking and experiencing nature brings so many benefits to mind, body and soul.

Over the past two years, our lives have changed considerably and many of us have found solace in going for a wander in nature.

Here at Galloway View, we are surrounded by nature and every day, we feel the enjoyment and respite that it can bring.

As guests, you will be welcomed by our many animals on our working family farm.

Behind the scenes, we spend hours as a family caring for our animals and riding our horses across fields that surround the cottages.

The pandemic has definitely highlighted the importance of easy access to green space for mental and physical health.

Without a doubt, the Galloway region offers this in full abundance.

Are you needing some time out away from daily stresses and strains?

An opportunity to connect with nature?

We are reaching out to guests to choose Galloway View for a fabulous staycation this year.

Love Lizzie xx

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