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Festive Stargazing at Galloway View

Our location right on the doorstep of the Galloway International Dark Sky Park gives us great views of starry night skies here at Galloway View. Whether you’re a knowledgeable stargazer, or just enjoy marvelling at the wonders of the stars and planets, our unique location makes a fantastic viewing point for the wonders of the night sky.

And this year there’s a very special reason to look up! 2020’s winter solstice on December 21st sees a rather special Christmas star visible in the sky - although it’s not technically a star.

Officially known as The Great Conjunction of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn - the two giant planets of our solar system - appear to draw closer together in the night sky than they have been in centuries to form a brilliant heavenly object, visible to the naked eye - clear skies permitting! Look towards the southwest just after sunset to see this amazing sight.

“On the evenings of December 15 through 18, stargazers can easily find Jupiter and Saturn moving in conjunction by looking toward the waxing crescent moon in the western sky 45 minutes after sunset”*

Our Galloway View five star luxury lodges and snugs looking over Fleet Bay gives us the best sunsets and night skies - and you can enjoy them all from the comfort of your own private hot tub any time of year.

If you’re planning to come stay with us at any time of the year, and you’d like to get a bit closer to the action, you could check the events calendar at the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory just an hour’s drive away at the top of the Galloway Forest Park (but bear in mind all visits must be pre-booked).

We’ll definitely be dragging the kids away from the telly on Monday to go out to look for the so-called Christmas star.

From our family to yours, a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2021 - we can’t wait to welcome you to Galloway View!


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